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Together with us you can open your own Web Hosting business. Simply setup your account and start renting your domain today!

What you need is to register on our service and assign our DNS servers to your Internet domain. We will take care of the rest.

You will simply set a renting rate and we will be charing from it 1 Euro for every sub-domain you will rent. The payments will be made automatically each month to the PayPal account of your choice.


Our service will be available in Q2, 2017 but we recommend you to register early, so we will be able to update you on progress of it.

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About us

DomainHostel24.com is a Jaaz Portal service for anyone that would like to rent his Internet domain to the general public.

Through our service users are able to create their own Web Hosting businesses and start to make money online.

We are planing to launch the service in Q2, 2017. If You are interested in making money on your Internet domain please register now or contact us for more information.

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